Mr. Vethan represented me and my business as plaintiff in a lawsuit. The case was over business to business contractual issues, fraud, and conspiracy committed by the two defendants. We prevailed. From the onset and throughout the entire process, he and his staff took great care to understand the dynamics of my business and the relationships of the involved parties, to reach the correct outcome in court. They made it a point to ensure I was kept up-to-date and involved in the process. I felt I was made part of a team effort working towards the goal of justice. It was very successful. I would recommend them to anyone with a legitimate issue because they are genuinely good people. Their performance was exemplary. They made it a point to discuss all available options in a manner that was easily understandable. They made time to ensure my comfort with each decision made. I didn’t feel lost and knew where we were at all times. That was due to his personal attention given to me. As compared to the representation given the defendants, I am glad Mr. Vethan was on my side of the aisle. Even during the trial, his good-natured personality filled the room to mitigate the usual tension that exists in a trial. With the post-trial activities, Mr. Vethan was highly attentive, making sure the results of trial were followed through. Mr. Vethan runs a first-rate law firm. He and his entire staff are very good at their job, genuine, personable, and a pleasure to work with. Not only do they do a super job with the case at hand, they provide guidance in what should be done to avoid future conflicts.

David Homoki Owner, Global Check Services, Inc. April 19, 2016