San Antonio Business to Business Litigation Attorneys

As San Antonio businesses expand their commercial footprint across Texas in the United States, it is inevitable that disagreements and disputes may arise. While the first recourse should be to put the “deal back on track,” many times litigation is necessary to protect our client’s financial commitment and business interest.

Business to Business Litigation in San Antonio Requires the Right Counsel

Business-to-business litigation can take a variety of forms, but one thing remains constant: business litigation requires the right legal counsel, with a team of tested trial attorneys, with state court, federal court, and arbitration experience.  VLF has that experience. Commercial matters require skill, experience, and a commitment to serve the clients interest efficiently. A high-stakes “bet the company” lawsuits, where companies survival depends on the outcome of the dispute, requires sound, strategic, and knowledgeable counsel. Not only do our attorneys bring a deep knowledge of the substantive law affecting these disputes, but VLF’s business litigators deliver results and clarity. In the hot glare of business litigation, both growing and established clients have relied on VLF as their litigation attorneys.

The Number of Business to Business Cases A Firm Has Taken to Trial in San Antonio Matters

In selecting business litigators, it is not a law firm’s advertising that matters. It is a very simple yet essential question: “how many times have you taken a case to trial, to a jury verdict in the last eighteen months?” If the answer is just once or twice, they are unprepared to handle the aggressive strategic lawsuit that you or your business is about to face. Every attorney at VLF is required to be in trial or evidentiary hearing within 18 months of him or her being hired by the firm. The simple reason is that if they are not experienced in the most stressful avenue of our business, they cannot effectively represent our clients as business litigators, and they cannot effectively advise our clients of the risks to be weighed in a case that affects our client’s business. Quite simply, we are trial lawyers.  Our record speaks for itself.

Prior to meeting with our business litigation attorneys about your case, you should have the following information ready:

  • Written correspondence, such as emails, text, and formal documents identifying the obligations each party must undertake;
  • records showing how you or your business have relied, or intend to rely, on the relationship with the adverse party;
  • Proof that you or your business has performed or was ready, willing, and able to perform;
  • Documentation regarding any reason the other party had to take the action (or inaction) complained of; and
  • You must identify damages.  The financial consequence to you or your business as a result of what has happened.