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VLF has a robust and experienced intellectual law group in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Southern California. VLF has copyright attorneys who work with our clients to:

  • File Copyrights
  • Seek Injunctions Against Copyright Infringers
  • Prosecute and Defend Copyright Infringement Lawsuits in Federal Court

Recently, VLF was involved in a testy case between two international toy manufacturers embroiled in a federal copyright infringement lawsuit, seeking ownership rights to a popular brand of children’s toys. The argument used in court was that the toy itself was not the issue, but the design upon which the toy was based and manufactured. As copyright cases routinely have high dollar attorney fees involved, a seasoned copyright lawyer is the best way to protect a company’s copyrights and other valuable intellectual property. VLF’s copyright lawyers in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Los Angeles can help businesses obtain copyright protection, and vigorously defend that copyright against infringers. Our experience speaks volumes.