Construction Law Attorney | Commercial & Industrial

As construction is booming is across the United States, issues arise as to whether a GC or Sub is due money for the work they did.  We handle projects from design build to total renovation. 

When there is a dispute as to a pay application, some of the following questions must be answered:

  • Pay application not timely paid?
  • Not paid even when Schedule of Values show phase completion?
  • Lien the project legally? 
  • Change Orders approved or accepted?
  • Inspection green tagged by the city/county but subs not paid?
  • Bank inspector signed off on fund release, but you haven’t been paid?
  • Issues as to FFE modifications and payment? 
  • Was the retainage improperly used to pay another service provider?

When there is an uncertainty in the completion of the contract or work on a project, call us.

Many times, the contract was not properly negotiated or structured.  Even using an AIA Form contract, the supplemental provisions as to curing defects and hiring other subs to fix the work.

If you are owed money on a project, you may have a limited amount of time to perfect your legal rights to collect what is due.  Vethan Law Firm, P.C. has represented subs, GCs, owners, and architects for more than 20 years, dealing on projects ranging from:

Build-Out and Remodeling Professional Office Space;

Scrape and Build Retail and Restaurant developments, 

Tilt Wall Warehouse Projects,

 CMU Construction

Multi-Story ConstructionIndustrial Labs

Hotels and Gas Stations