Business Litigation Lawyers

Business-to-business litigation can take a variety of forms, but one thing remains constant: business litigation requires the right legal counsel. Routine commercial matters require skill, experience, and a commitment to serve the client’s interests efficiently. A high stakes “bet the company” lawsuit, where a company’s survival depends on the outcome of the dispute, requires sound, aggressive counsel, a deep knowledge of the substantive law, as well as strategic acumen. VLF’s capable business litigators operate in this full range, delivering results and clarity, in the face of all business legal challenges, to clients of all sizes in Harris County, Bexar County, Dallas County, and throughout the country.

At VLF, our experienced business lawyers have successfully represented commercial clients in state and federal courts, and before arbitration panels of the American Arbitration Association. We always work hard to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Some law firms just work files or manage risk, touting their predictability. In contrast, the lawyers at VLF actually try and arbitrate cases and have an outstanding public record to back up our claims. If you have been dragged into a lawsuit, or put in a position where you must initiate litigation, speak with VLF about how we can provide the legal counsel and advocacy your business needs to compete at the next level.

VLF represents a number of Latin American businesses and direct investors as they expand their interests into the U.S. market. Aside from multijurisdictional lawsuits, we are also called upon to facilitate complex deals with counterparts in Mexico and other parts of Central America, as well as South America.

VLF’s business lawyers work with businesses and professionals in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Southern California to implement sound policies and procedures, and reduce our clients’ risks of litigation.