Construction Claims
Litigation & Arbitration

VLF’s construction group advises developers, owners, architects, engineers, builders, subs, trades, and suppliers in all five of our market centers: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Los Angeles. VLF is proud to be a part of the long history of sustained growth and non-stop building in each of these metro centers. From advising various stakeholders in complex and contested construction matters, to contract review and negotiation to litigation and arbitration.

In the project planning, bid, and negotiation phase, our clients look to VLF for guidance to protect their interests and achieve their goals. This is especially important in the ever-changing battle of “form” agreements, whether those updated by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Consensus documents favored by Associated General Contractors (AGC), or any of the customizations thereof, as preferred by large developers, trade specialty or local organizations.

VLF is also go-to counsel when disputes result in slow pays, non-pays, non-conforming work, lien filings or bond claims, or when such matters escalate to litigation or arbitration. VLF’s construction litigators have won significant results for our clients in state and federal court, as well as before specialized construction law panels of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the JAMS Foundation.

VLF knows that successful project negotiation and dispute resolution requires not only experienced construction lawyers, but also the vision and expertise of our clients, developers or investors, design professionals, builders, specialty trades, or vendors. With this in mind, we work collaboratively with our clients’ internal expertise and outside technical advisors as a matter of course. Adding solid legal counsel to a clear understanding of project-specific issues is the only way to ensure that deliverables line up with bid documents, that risk and reward are properly allocated, and that our clients always operate with clear insight on even the most complex projects. This can include making business decisions on pending deals, evaluating claims, or aggressively achieving resolution.