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Charles Vethan: We understand that a business is not a hobby. It is the most critical aspect of a business owner’s life aside from his or her family. They put their talents, their efforts and their toil to build something. Our job is to be there, to defend that task. That means not only structuring it from within the company but also to protect that business against threats both internal and external. In the 21st century, it is extremely important that growing businesses use a business law firm whether us or anyone else because they serve as a key component in the business’ decision making process.

R. Maschitto: Our company has been in business for ten years. At five years, I knew what the growth that we had seen that we needed more. More was something what I wasn’t what that was. When I first met Charles, he has done everything from help us with employee contracts, employee handbooks, dealing with contracts for our buildings that we have developed, for our practice. I would have been lost to know which direction to take if we haven’t have had somebody like the Vethan Firm.

Charles Vethan: A lot of people asked what is a boutique law firm is and that simply means that we focus on a few things and we do it very, very well. It allows us to be more familiar with the types of law that we know our clients need. We don’t offer a wide variety of legal services. If there’s something that’s outside of the scope of services we offer, we’ll partner with other firms or other attorneys, CPAs, or accounting firms, whatever they need but they know very clearly what we do and what we’re good at.

Jason Poon: As a business owner, we got many legal issues that come our way. Whenever we have an issue, I do not think too much of it because I had the confidence that Charles is on our side.

Sarah Jones: I felt like Charles and his team gave me a lot of confidence in starting the company. I felt a big boost of confidence just knowing that every isle was dotted and every T was crossed.

O. Arrambide: I’ve been with Charles since we started the business we’ve since grown to about a 130 employees now worldwide and he’s made it very easy for us. He explains to us what the risks are and what the rewards are for each situation and what we should be looking at and what we should analyze before we make a decision. He gives us the tools and the equipment necessary to make an educated decision.

Charles Vethan: For a boutique law firm, we have incredible experience both in the courtroom and in the board room. You will never ever feel that you are in near number of our file.

Kathy Flamenco: I believe that Charles Vethan, the Vethan Law firm are very approachable. They really consider and weigh whatever the issue is and they act responsively. Every issue we’ve gone to them with some have been difficult situations. There has been such a coming along side and saying, “We’re here with you. We will walk with you through this and we have the ability to do it.”

Charles Vethan: The Vethan Law Firm P.C. has tailored of itself to be an effective advocate for our clients and with our clients. We want to work with our clients and be a partner in their critical decision making process. We have the tools to work with them as they plan and achieve their business goals both now and in the future.

I wanted to personally thank you and your staff again for doing such a great job. VLF has been simply amazing. Their professionalism, negotiating skills, and knowledge of the law have simply been a lifesaver for my business. The overall settlement was so much more than we ever expected and hoped for. Simply put, they saved my company. I cannot say enough about your firm and its staff. Thanks to you, my company will continue to grow and be profitable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Scott Stephens President, Custom Shop Guitars of Texas, LLC Vethan Law Firm, P.C. April 10, 2016

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