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Limited Liability Company

Joseph Colvin and Diren Singhe discuss how to set up an LLC.


Contractor Payment

Diren Singhe and Robert Peterson answer your questions about how contractors and subcontractors get paid in Texas.



Charles Vethan and Joseph Lanza discuss how companies have multiple trademarks.


Fair Labor Standards Act

As part of this discussion, we focus on the main mistakes employers make when confronted with Fair Labor Standards Act claims.



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Changes to Corporate Governance

We focus on the recent changes to corporate governance under Texas law. Learn about the obligations a majority shareholder or a member in an LLC owes other shareholders or members.


Fiduciary Duty

What is fiduciary duty? Learn more about what this means in corporate terms and who all is involved.


Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Learn about the importance of shareholder and partnership agreements of your growing business. The Vethan Law Firm knows how vital this is to our clients’ business.


Texas Non-Compete

This discussion focuses on the Texas non-compete agreements. Learn about what the requirements are and fully understand what is needed for a non-competition agreement.


Protecting Your Business: Liability Release

This VLF Video Educational Series goes in depth about what a liability release is and how it can protect your business from possible lawsuits.

How to Calculate Damages under the FLSA

VLF business attorneys Charles Vethan, Joseph Colvin and Joseph Lanza explain how to calculate damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Why Copyrights Are Important to Small Businesses

VLF business attorney Diren Singhe speaks on why it is so important for small business owners to have a copyright in order to protect their intellectual property.


Record Keeping Requirements for Employers under the FLSA

VLF business attorneys Charles Vethan, Joseph Colvin and Joseph Lanza talk about the specific records that employers are required to keep under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Shareholder Oppression after Richie vs. Rupe

VLF business attorneys Charles Vethan and Joseph Colvin go in depth about shareholder oppression after the Richie vs. Rupe decision in Texas.


How the Litigation Process Works in Texas

VLF business attorneys explain how the litigation process works in the state of Texas and provide helpful tips to minimize your costs.


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