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The Vethan Law Firm, P.C. (VLF) has represented companies in the United States energy and petrochemical sectors for almost twenty-five years. We have achieved outstanding results for clients spanning across nearly every facet of the industry, from companies that specialize in E & P (geophysical, and geological data management),module and instrument manufacture (blast shelter and blast control room (API 752 /753) fabrication and intrinsically safe (IS Design) device providers), deep water and inland facility maintenance (turnarounds, welding, engineering, and project management), to those providing inspection or support services (QA/QC and API inspection). VLF has long been a trusted partner in the energy industry.

VLF has expertise in protecting a company’s confidential information, trade secrets, and addressing non-compete concerns. We work with both upstream and downstream clients in this market, making us the “go to” firm in San Antonio.

Litigation (Disputes and Trials)

VLF is known for aggressively prosecuting and defending our clients in ‘bet the business’ litigation focusing on breach of contract, trade secrets, non-competes, and partnership disputes both within companies and for joint ventures.  Many times, our clients seek extraordinary relief and injunction orders from a Court to protect the valuable trade secrets, confidential information, and customer relations they have developed, but also to defend against strike suits filed against them by competitors.  And every time, VLF is in its client’s corner.

With litigation experience in San Antonio, focusing on technical projects and deliverables, VLF has been a ‘go to’ resource for disputes and litigation in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry.

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Deal Structuring

Over the past decade, VLF has also brought in attorneys who work on structuring deals to maximize profits, create opportunities, and contain potential exposure to our clients.  While VLF has a seasoned litigation team, the goal is to help our clients make beneficial deals that keep them out of litigation wherever possible.  The VLF transactional teamworks with our clients to structure joint venture entities operating in the Gulf of Mexico, the United States at large, and in Latin America, maximizing prospects and limiting risks our clients may face in any new deal.

Every company in the oil, gas, and petrochemical arena needs attorneys working with them in both their business operations and to defend or prosecute claims in court in San Antonio.  When putting together a major transaction or when a deal has broken down, you want an experienced law firm that understands your business and technology.

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I wanted to personally thank you and your staff again for doing such a great job. VLF has been simply amazing. Their professionalism, negotiating skills, and knowledge of the law have simply been a lifesaver for my business. The overall settlement was so much more than we ever expected and hoped for. Simply put, they saved my company. I cannot say enough about your firm and its staff. Thanks to you, my company will continue to grow and be profitable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Scott Stephens President, Custom Shop Guitars of Texas, LLC Vethan Law Firm, P.C. April 10, 2016

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