Non-Compete Disputes & Non-Disclosure Litigation

Non-compete agreements have become a hot topic in litigation as ever more IT, tech, and engineering firms call Texas home. VLF’s business attorneys at all five of our offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Los Angeles work closely with entrepreneurs and business leaders to protect confidential information that gives a business a commercial advantage over its competitors. VLF helps many of our business clients, across industries, structure non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements to protect the business’s goodwill and intellectual property.

VLF commonly represents executives and senior management employees negotiate non-compete agreements with their employers or future employers and also represents former employees who are forced to challenge non-compete agreements as unenforceable and as an unfair and unreasonable restraints of trade.

In today’s information-intensive business environment, complications arise from competitive forces and the use of confidential information. All successful businesses understand that protecting confidential information is essential for the business to succeed. Confidential and proprietary information is mission-critical to a business surviving and thriving in highly competitive business environments, whether in the energy or medical sectors in Houston, the financial or IT sectors in Dallas or the E&P, biotechnical markets in San Antonio, or the oil and gas industry throughout Texas.

Businesses expend significant capital to develop confidential and proprietary methods and information that provide an edge over the competition. It is critical to a company’s success that existing or former employees or business associates do not illegally use confidential information to the detriment of the business.

Sometimes, a business must seek court intervention to stop the disclosure of confidential business information and trade secrets. At such time, VLF will seek to enforce a business’s non-competes and non-disclosure agreements to protect the intellectual property and assets of the business enterprise. VLF’s business lawyers are experienced litigators who are able to meet the specific challenges required by emergency court intervention.

To discuss matters involving a non-disclosure agreement or non-compete agreement, contact VLF’s Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Southern California business lawyers.

VLF’s goal is to work closely and collaboratively with our clients. It is our goal to work proactively and transparently with our clients when they are faced with non-compete or non-disclosure litigation, VLF is able to minimize a business’s risks by minimizing the risk of key employees illegally or improperly competing or interfering with our clients’ established customers. By being proactive, VLF is also able to ensure that non-competes are not gratuitously used to prevent key employees from engaging in their trade or profession.