Business Formation Lawyers | Corporate Organization Attorneys

VLF’s business and corporate attorneys in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Orange County/Southern California serve as corporate lawyers for a wide variety of business owners, from growing family-owned businesses, to corporations with franchises and divisions all over the world. VLF’s Texas-based corporate attorneys provide the counsel businesses need to design an effective corporate organization structure and create Company Agreements, including shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and operating agreements, as well as the ancillary buy-sell agreements, to define the roles and responsibilities of the governing persons, managers, and other key individuals in the company hierarchy.

As corporate counsel, VLF often helps new and reorganizing companies determine which business form is appropriate for the venture. Most frequently, this turns out to be a limited partnership (LP), a limited liability company (LLC), a series LLC, a corporation, or, for certain professionals, a professional association, a professional corporation, or a professional LLC.

VLF’s goal is to provide our clients with sound and steady legal guidance, in even the most tenuous circumstances, and build a foundation for a long-time strategic alliance.

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