John Walker

John Walker brings over 30 years of legal and business development experience. Beyond his background in business law, tax law, and corporate business development, John has also worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This experience gives John unique insights into how legal; tax, accounting, and business strategies intersect to create the best – and often unique – solutions for you and your business.

Although Walker Law PC is headquartered in Houston, Texas, John has helped business owners located across Texas and the United States. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, New York, and his home state of Ohio.

John’s vision is to help business owners create a clear path forward to pursue opportunities and solve problems. He loves the challenge of unraveling complex business situations with innovative solutions. His goal is to help you outline the different paths available, clarify the advantages and consequences of each path, and move you forward in the best path you choose for you and your business.