Dallas Partnership Agreement & Shareholder Dispute Attorneys

Dallas has fast become one of the most dynamic economic centers in the United States. New businesses emerge providing specialized services in a variety of industries, from the service sector, to banking and finance, construction, or IT. As new ventures are formed, and different stakeholders become partners and shareholders in the new venture, the act of one or a small group of partners or shareholders acting in their own self-interest may threaten the existence of the enterprise.  What may have been initial disagreements as to how the business should continue may quickly devolve into a legal battle for the control of the business and its assets.

Partnership or Shareholder Disputes Can Happen Between Anyone

These partnership disputes or shareholder disputes are oftentimes between former trusted friends, colleagues, or family members, and can threaten the continued operation of the business. As specialized businesses in Houston strive to provide exceptional products and services to customers, a partner or shareholder who acts illegally to take benefits for him or herself at the expense of the business jeopardizes the very existence of the company. Vethan Law Firm’s shareholder and partnership dispute attorneys in Dallas first seek to stop the wrongdoer from further harming the business, and then will aggressively go after the bad actor to compensate the business and the other shareholders or business partners for the economic harm inflicted on the company by the self-dealing partner or shareholder.

Although not every partnership dispute may be avoided, when several parties decide to pool their resources to form a new business venture, certain steps must be taken to avoid very contentious and very personal shareholder dispute or partnership dispute litigation. Speak with VLF’s attorneys regarding:

  • Launching a startup with an agreed upon partnership agreement or shareholder agreement;
  • Structuring and reviewing partnership agreements and shareholder agreements to incorporate mandatory buy back provisions, avoiding community property consequences to the management of the business;
  • Buyback and supermajority provisions to maintain steady corporate operations; and
  • Deciding on management, financial exposure of the business, and control of the venture, and structuring appropriate governing mechanisms within the company, to identify a few concerns.

Partnership and Shareholder Dispute Resources

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