Dallas Business Contract Dispute Laywers

A diverse, fast-paced economy like Dallas has based on insurance, banking, construction and IT tends to require multiple contracting parties to adhere to their agreements. The failure to do so may result in significant losses to one or more of the parties to the contract.  In the event of a breach or an anticipatory repudiation of the contract, VLF’s attorneys act quickly to either get the contract back on track or seek reparations for the harm caused by the breaching party. VLF’s Dallas-based contract lawyers work with businesses when a breach of contract threatens our clients with significant and serious economic loss. Whether contracts are breached because of unexpected business conditions, or the unwillingness of a contracting party to perform by providing the products and services agreed upon, VLF’s contract dispute litigation attorneys aggressively pursue these cases to seek specific performance (forcing the breaching party to do what it promised) or monetary damages (money damages for the breach).

Additionally, Texas is one of the few states in the country that allows the party prevailing in its breach of contract claim the right to seek recovery of its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. Therefore, it is essential that prior to litigation arising the demand for fees and costs are made to recover those costs if the aggrieved party prevails.

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